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Dacey, Dennis, Ph.D.

It is now well accepted that the vertebrate retina contains on the  order of 50-60 distinct neural cell types.  Why does the retina,  situated at the earliest stage of the visual process, require so many   cell types?  One hypothesis is that the photoreceptor responses to  light are channelled into a number of parallel signal pathways that  separately encode various aspects of a visual image and play   different roles in visual perception.  In the retina each of these  visual pathways would be composed of a set of interneurons linked to  an output neuron, the ganglion cell, whose axon projects to a target   in the brain.  To test this hypothesis we are attempting to identify  each of the retinal ganglion cell types and their associated  interneurons.  Work in the lab has recently focused on the retina of   the human and macaque monkey.  In the primate we know that some  ganglion cell types receive excitatory input from red, green, or blue  cone photoreceptors and therefore show color selective light   responses; other ganglion cell types are excited equally by all of  the cone types and are non-color selective.  The neural organization  that gives rise to these distinct signal pathways is unknown.   To  approach the problem we are using intracellular recording and  staining in in vitro preparation of the macaque retina to identify  the color-coding light responses of morphologically identified  ganglion  cell types.


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